Training & Development

Training & Development

Performance Strategies offers several training and development programs for your team, from how to run effective meetings, to sales training, to management and leadership intensive training.  We can also develop custom programs to meet your specific needs.

We believe strong teams are unstoppable and talented leaders are developed.


Management Intensive

A two-day focused dive into the most critical skills a supervisor or manager must master in order to successfully and effectively manage people.

This workshop focuses on critical management competencies, such as: communication and conflict, giving feedback, building trust with your team, motivation and delegation, and interviewing. This hands-on workshop will give you tools and skills you can apply immediately to impact your effectiveness with your team.


Leadership Intensive

The Leadership Intensive will sharpen your leadership skills in four key areas: emotional intelligence, leadership coaching, leading change, and reinforcing learning so that you get the ROI out of your training investment.


Your Exit Map

Are you preparing to exit your business? In this workshop, you’ll receive a free exit preparedness assessment, book and education on how to maximize the value of your business for sale.  


Effective Meetings

Many people would rather stick a fork in their eye than attend the company meetings that are happening today.  We show your team how to plan and execute successful, productive meetings so that everyone comes to meetings with a sense of purpose and leaves with a feeling of accomplishment.


Selling Below the Price Line ™

This is a program for your retail, direct or phone sales teams as well as your customer service or call center teams and their managers.  The program focuses on how to drive the prospect conversation away from price and into value agreements. This award-winning program has been taught to over 145,000 sales, call center and customer service professionals across the globe.

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