Success Stories

With a new telesales-based Auto-Warranty business just getting started I knew that my business would need direction, guidance, advice, and leadership. We turned to Performance Strategies, Inc. (PSI) for immediate coaching and training for our key company leaders, including our COO and head of Sales. The results have added considerable bottom-line results as our coaches helped us improve sales, add to our staff, train our teams and expand our operations. We are still engaged with PSI after 18 months.

Jacqueline Le, COO, Automotive Services Corp.

"Performance Strategies was the "shot in the arm" we needed when my business partner and I joined forces. Our coach Jay was the missing link that helped us make an impact on specific areas of our business (sales, prospects, accounting, and operations). Our business increased by 33% in our first year.  We recommend Performance Strategies to any start-up or existing business that has hit a plateau in their growth."

Trish Beaulieu, Dezign Matters Creative Group, Inc.

Lisa at Performance Strategies has been a great business coach.  She helped us identify, refine, and align our business goals, and then provided planning assistance and resources to help us formulate a plan to reach those goals.  We were a "target-rich environment" with many opportunities for improvement.  She was able to explain, revise and reinforce the concepts we needed in order to get us moving in the right direction.  

Don Julien, CEO, Softech & Associates

We started our company right before the bottom fell out of the economy.  Over a period of 20 months, our overhead was rising faster than our income – we were going in the wrong direction!  In a nutshell, a short six months after hiring Jay as our Business Coach, our company is really skyrocketing. We’ve hit home runs during our normally slowest months, and we’re hiring several new employees!  I can’t say enough about Performance Strategies.

Dr. Rod Kurthy, Founder, Evolve Dental Technologies, Inc.

One of the best investments I have made to date in my business, and myself, is hiring executive coach Lisa Walker. Starting a business in my mid-50s was not an easy endeavor. When I found myself stuck in moving my business forward, I called Lisa. I found her coaching style a good fit for me. Her way of encouraging, challenging and teaching me led me to discovery and enabled me to make some challenging and sometimes difficult decisions. She taught me how to see past the obstacles in my path, dig deeper and find solutions.

T. Aikin, Anchor Risk Management

It doesn’t matter what type of business it is; Performance Strategies coaches have the unique, insightful ability to be creative in any area. More importantly, I know my coach wants my business to succeed as much, if not more than I do. It is obvious that they genuinely care about their clients and will do what it takes to help anyone succeed in their business.

Becky Grant, Fry & Associates

"Working with Lisa’s been absolutely great. She comes with a wealth of ideas tied to practical, easy to implement actions to take. She’s a needle mover. You’ll probably test a few ideas and see awesome results within the first few meetings. Literally, money in your hands. No pie in the sky stuff either, just results you can grasp with both hands. For anyone considering Lisa, just get it done already, you’ll be happy you did."

(Results = 244% increase in revenue, 2103% return on coaching investment)

D. Nicart, Synergy Direct Response

After being a consultant in the energy space for nearly twenty years I found myself stuck. I was working too many hours, revenue was flat, and the prospects for growth seemed limited.  I hired Performance Strategies and have implemented their program for seven years now. They’ve helped me develop goals for improving my businesses including growth strategies, improving accounting processes, and raising prices. Revenue is up over 1800% and profit even more.

We hired a General Manager, and we are implementing my exit process over the next couple of years. This would have never happened without Coach Jay and the Performance Strategies team.

David J. Hackett, President, Stillwater Associates

Lisa Walker has been such an amazing business coach while we started branding and implementing all of our ideas for our commercial and video production company. We had so many great ideas but didn't know how to get them out of our heads and into action! Performance Strategies helped us to set attainable goals and keep us on track to achieve them. They have a proven system to help your business achieve results!

Madonna Quinn, Executive Producer, Choice TV