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    Here's how the team at Performance Strategies can help you solve your Top 5 Business Challenges...

    (pick your top 5 to 7 most important business priorities)

    Sales & Marketing

    A cost-effective marketing plan that generates leads from my target market.A clearly defined unique selling proposition for my products and services that sets my business apart from my competition.A clearly documented sales funnel that produces consistent results.A motivated, professional and profitable sales team.A well defined and effective customer retention strategy

    Running Your Business

    Clear, written business plans and goals for the long term, annual, quarterly and monthly timeframes shared with the entire company.A straight forward succession plan to prepare the business to run profitably without me.Expand the operation to multiple outlets or regions so I can leverage my solid and profitable business model.

    Team Building & Leadership

    Build leadership skills so I can truly inspire my team and lead my company to even greater success.Develop company vision, mission and culture to align my team.Improve my ability to find and add motivated, great people to my team.Training and engaging my team so they deliver superior levels of customer service, improve management skills and are more productive.Develop clear goals and performance measurements for all team members.Improve my time effectiveness; increasing the time I spend on strategy and reducing the time I spend reactively putting out fires.


    Move our processes into computerized, efficient systems.Create a system to understand the profitability of all our main products and services.Develop people systems so everyone clearly understands their role and how it contributes to company growth.Improve communication within the company and with customers.


    Have access to a great coach who can help me stay focused and accountable to achieve my goals and advise me on key business issues.