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We help your business grow through improved focus, crystal clear goal setting, inspirational leadership, enhanced operational efficiency, personal development, increased profitability, and better financial management.  We provide direction, accountability and a sounding board for our clients to make better decisions and impactful changes inside their businesses.  Our clients gain team engagement and alignment on both vision and goals that translates into real business results for their companies.


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We are Performance Strategies, Inc.

Performance Strategies is a team of highly experienced, committed, positive and successful professionals who work together to support small and mid-sized business in Orange County, CA, and beyond. What makes our firm unique is our combined depth of experience in business, including expertise in sales, marketing, operations, strategic planning, change management, leadership & team building, productivity and business process. We provide direction and accountability for our clients to make real changes inside their businesses. Whether you’re just starting out or nearing your exit, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you to where you want to be.


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