Websites Are Meant To Make Money

Websites Are Meant To Make Money

Websites are meant to make money.  At least that's how it used to be when you had to build your own software to generate online revenue. "You didn't build a website simply to have an online presence" Romanov reports.

In 1994, Lee Romanov built the website, sending $5 leads to insurance companies, making millions of dollars online.

Leads are the most profitable online revenue model.

In 10 years from now, you'll probably be reading an article on How To Make Money Online... and leads will be it! After 23 continues to be a multi-million dollar online business.

After Lee sold her website to media giant Torstar,  she realized that today's website builders like WordPress,  WIX,  and GoDaddy... are little more than an online brochure and online brochures do not make money.

When you get one of these website platforms, you quickly realize that you need added software to begin generating revenue..  and suddenly you become their revenue stream, instead of you be able to create revenue streams from their website platforms.

Lee knew how to make money online and create a website platform where the software and revenue streams to generate online revenue need to be built in and all working in conjunction.  In 2009  she created Income Activator, a website platform with all the software you need to be built into one platform which is being used by people around the world.

Here's a video showing you how you can use YouTube's trending and viral videos to get traffic and generate online revenue for your website.

When someone wants to get in go to the internet world and make money online it's like throwing a guppy into a shark tank.  Everyone wants a piece of you.

The website builders want you to buy their add-on software.  Software companies, like ones that focus on landing pages, autoresponders, email marketing, and so forth, can cost you 100s, even $1000s of dollars a month.

Social media companies, like Facebook, spend millions of dollars convincing you to give them your content for free. Did you know that in one year Facebook made almost 18 billion dollars from your content, and from your visitor traffic, by sending leads to companies that paid them, not you!

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