Lisa Walker

Sr. Partner & Executive Business Coach


Field or Industry Specialty:
Executive Business Coaching & Consulting

Years of Experience:

Services Offered:
Executive Business Coaching /Communication/ Leadership / Strategy / Profitability & Growth / New Products & Markets / Technology / Marketing / PR / P&L / Events / Market Research / Vision & Culture / Team Building

Certifications, awards, etc:
MBA in Marketing, and a BS in Business Administration from SDSU, Executive Business Coach Certification ActionCOACH; Certification in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica; Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Enhanced Skill Practitioner. Lead With Purpose Certified Coach.

Lisa provides executive coaching, business coaching and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses.  As your business coach she will help you deliver the results you desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over thousands of businesses.

Lisa herself grew two small companies to the point of acquisition by larger organizations. Her background includes 14 years as president and CEO of the I3A, an imaging technology company, where she took the organization from launch through several pivots to redefine the organization as it went through multiple disruptive technology challenges.

In 2012, Lisa decided to launch a new business. After exploring all of her options and taking her extensive business experience into account, she resolved to become a business and executive coach. Lisa’s reward is the opportunity she has to make an impact on many different businesses, and on people’s lives. “I love seeing the light bulb come on for clients,” she says.

Her personal life is filled with adventure. She is a seven-time world record-holder and National Champion in Formation Skydiving, an instrument-rated private pilot, a two-time marathon finisher as well as an Advanced PADI-rated scuba diver.

Client Results

"Working with Lisa’s been absolutely great. She comes with a wealth of ideas tied to practical, easy to implement actions to take. She’s a needle mover. You’ll probably test a few ideas and see awesome results within the first few meetings. Literally, money in your hands. No pie in the sky stuff either, just results you can grasp with both hands. For anyone considering Lisa, just get it done already, you’ll be happy you did."

- D. Nicart, Synergy Direct Response (Results = 244% increase in revenue, 2103% return on coaching investment)

One of the best investments I have made to date in my business, and myself, is hiring Lisa Walker. Starting a business in my mid-50s was not an easy endeavor. When I found myself stuck in moving my business forward I called Lisa. I found her coaching style a good fit for me. Her way of encouraging, challenging and teaching me led me to discovery and enabled me to make some challenging and sometimes difficult decisions. Her “toolbox” of resources and tools is similar to Mary Poppins’ carpetbag! She taught me how to see past the obstacles in my path, dig deeper and find solutions. What I learned from Lisa continues to serve me. Lisa teaches you to tap into yourself; there is always something new to be learned.

~ T. Aikin, Anchor Risk Management

Lisa Walker has been such an amazing business coach while we started branding and implementing all of our ideas for our commercial and video production company. We had so many great ideas, but didn't know how to get them out of our heads and into action! Lisa helped to us to set attainable goals and keep us on track to achieve them. She has a proven system to help your business achieve results!

~ Madonna Quinn, Executive Producer, Choice TV

Lisa has been a great business coach.  She helped us identify, refine, and align our business goals, and then provided planning assistance and resources to help us formulate a plan to reach those goals.  We were a "target-rich environment" with many opportunities for improvement.  Lisa was able to explain, revise and reinforce the concepts we needed in order to get us moving in the right direction.  Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your frog recipes with us!

~ Don Julien, Acting CEO, Softech & Associates

Thank you again for your time and for sharing your expertise, Lisa!  It was a pleasure to hear your presentation. I appreciate the practical strategies you provided us; all of which can be applied seamlessly!  Your explanations, examples, and even the ability to model them at times reinforced how applicable they can be to us personally and professionally. Thank you! 

~ Leslie Wheaton

When I asked my business attorney for a referral to someone who could help me sort out some difficult personal issues, he referred me to Lisa.  Although I am a Psychologist by trade, Lisa’s approach was novel and “life changing.”  Based on my behavioral descriptions of those involved (including myself), Lisa quickly determined the cause of the conflicts and made recommendations regarding the “best” approach for resolving the issues.  Since that fateful meeting, I have very effectively applied this knowledge about myself and others in both personal and business settings.  Without judgment of what is “right” or “wrong,” Lisa’s guidance has helped me understand why certain personalities have always “pushed my buttons” and how I can best navigate the waters surrounding individuals who simply approach life differently than I do.  Lisa’s approach is non-judgmental, respectful, and educative.  She is able to adapt her style to the personality and needs of her clients, taking them to new levels of self-awareness.  I recommend Lisa without reservations for anyone wishing to understand themselves, others, and grow their business. 

~ Anne Reith, Ph.D., Impart Wisdom & Wellness, Tustin, CA

Thank you Lisa, I learned so much and I have started implementing them in my personal and business life. I already feel the difference in me in a matter of a few days.

~ Sima Azmoudeh

Despite our late start and slow trajectory getting off the ground, it has been a very beneficial experience for me on many levels. I have appreciated greatly your willingness to think outside of the proverbial box when needed due to my unconventional vision for my company. I have also appreciated your willingness to work around my irritating "technician's" schedule at times. I'm glad we finally got into a nice groove!

I contemplate and meditate on the advice and bits of business development wisdom you have imparted to me daily, which has helped to shake up my "technician" routine and reinvigorate the zeal I had let fizzle out over the years for my business. I truly needed that, so I want to thank you for giving me that gift. I look forward to keeping in touch and making you proud as my business continues to develop and grow.

Thank you so much!

~ S. Leslie, CEO, Regal Court Reporting

I am Co-Founder of a small business that helps people and companies connect in the consumer products industry. We have been in business quite successfully in terms of our reputation but not in terms of revenue. We realized that we needed to have additional skills to move forward the business and we could not do it ourselves. In comes Lisa Walker from Action Coach.

Oh did forget to mention we are a husband and wife team. I count my lucky stars that we found Lisa Walker. She has helped us to become more focused, set priorities, and begin using the tools that a successful business needs to have. And let's remember that we are a husband and wife business. She has been the perfect coach to navigate the emotional turmoil that happens in this type of relationship.

We are now on our way to building a sustainable company that we will be able to sell in the future. Thank you, Lisa.

~ M. Carrillo, Co-founder, CPG Jobs

I am writing to express my sentiments about my business coach, Lisa Walker with Action Coach. First, allow me to say that Lisa is bright, positive, interesting, experienced and very knowledgeable. But for me, during the months working together, she was flexible and patient, making adjustments in the preferred sequence to accommodate my immediate and involuntary priorities, such as technical assistance, staffing, time allocation and cash flow.

My goals were/are to rebuild our company to pre-recession volumes, create a harmonious atmosphere in a challenging industry that is both satisfying and financially rewarding for its owner and employees, while maintaining excellence in our finished projects and client satisfaction, and ultimately rendering our company attractive to investors and/or purchasers.

Personal goals include having more free time with less stress, and devoting more time to family and friends. At this juncture, our projects are moving ahead, cash flow is improving, and more prospects are being developed.

I thank Lisa for her resourcefulness and encouragement, and I recommend her with confidence for a business of any size with goals for improvement.

~ David L. Cole,  President, R.M.O. Copa Constructors

I just want you to know that I had a very productive day today!  I also ate a HUGE FROG that had been on my desk for weeks now. Love the 45 minute timer idea.

Thank you!!

~  Brenna Johnson